Registry Easy Trial Version

Registry Easy

Registry Mechanic checks the registry for errors that can slow and crash of the computer and provides a complete set of tools to find and repair the Windows registry. Broken links, delete the origins and configuration files for a variety registry easy trial version of flaws, including references to uninstalled programs, the lack of support and virtual devices file, the utility. You can automatically repair invalid entries in Windows startup. Low cost, quick scan optimization in this version, for a deeper exploration too fast and complete have been abandoned. The program also backups, it's so easy once something has gone wrong. There is a registry Defragmenter and a tuneup services option optimizes Windows startup services. Click the foreground or at least to see what services are defined and customized. Monitoring tab follows the system behavior, performance and recording service, while the Windows tools section contains a series of links to standard Windows tools. This can be explained better, but choose an option, and you'll see soon, that collected these tools by default with Windows, but all in one place. Interface isn't bad, but feels some revolts and offers a lot of open space without clearly expresses that the user should be. Is severe restrictions on trial version, difficult to analyze the effectiveness of the program. The test allows only five sections of the registry will be repaired and very compact, and defragment the system optimization buttons were also lame. During the process we recommend that you disable all error discovered and carefully choose, believe that as a remedy to see if you want to buy the error can be controlled. Registry Mechanic is a good program, but you have something not in vain,. .